An end-to-end solution to provide literacy and math tutors and reading mentors for children in grades K-3 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

What is Active Reading?

Active reading is an evidence-based approach that improves children’s language skills, vocabulary, and ability to understand what they read on their own. The adult’s role is to be an active listener, ask questions, and get the child talking and thinking about the book.

Active Reading Training

Phase I of Tutor Charlotte is to recruit, train, and place reading mentors trained in active reading in Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classrooms.

Every Tutor Charlotte reading mentor will be trained in active reading prior to being assigned to a classroom. Lead partners will host trainings as well as community-wide trainings throughout the year.

To see the upcoming community-wide active reading training, please click here.

Training Video

If you would like to see this video in Spanish or other videos like this, please click here.

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